G4 Work Kit – Complete Fall Protection


Fall protection and ease of mobility come together in this new G4 Work Kit from Gravitec!

Window washers, rooftop, and construction workers will love the ability to easily ascend to a previous spot with minimum equipment. The large duffel bag comfortably carries all the necessary equipment to feel safe at the workplace. We know you will love the carefully selected elements in this kit: Rope Bag, Two lengths of 250′ 11mm Rope, Choker Straps, Descender, Steel Carabiners, Rope Guards, Fall Arrester w/Energy Absorber, Hand Ascender, Aluminum Carabiner, Equipment Instructions!  When minutes matter, seconds count. Why you need a G4 Kit

Gravitec’s fall protection and safety equipment are available to protect people working at height with fall arrest and fall restraint equipment to safeguard a work environment.

  • Large Duffel Bag (x1)
  • Rope Bag (x2)
  • 250’ 11mm Rope (x2)
  • Choker Strap (x2)
  • Descender (x1)
  • Steel Carabiner (x4)
  • Rope Guard (x2)
  • Fall Arrester w/Energy Absorber (x1)
  • Hand Ascender (x1)
  • Aluminum Carabiner (x1)
  • Manufacturer’s Equipment Instructions

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(2) 250ft of rescue rope

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