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Gravitec Systems, Inc. combines over thirty years of working-at-height experience with current rope access methods and skills to provide second-to-none rope access training and services. Everything is at Gravitec. SPRAT training and certification, custom Workplace Rope Access training , engineering, installation, and equipment supply can all be found here. If your work requires you to access the inaccessible, contact Gravitec Systems, Inc.


Gravitec Systems has a full line of rope access training to suit your needs.  For companies or individuals looking to enter or advance through the SPRAT system, Gravirtec offers SPRAT Level I, II, and III training and certification. For companies with unique training needs, courses can be customized through Gravitec’s Workplace Rope Access program.  SPRAT certification is preferred by individuals looking to enter into the rope access industry and companies that want to work within a provided industry-standard framework or have contracts requiring rope access certified programs and technicians. Customized Workplace Rope Access training enables employers to add or remove training content to meet your company’s unique needs. Add an extra rescue, cover fall protection, or remove the re-anchor maneuver. 

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Gravitec Systems, Inc. supplies rope access equipment from all the major manufacturers, as well as supporting fall protection and rescue equipment from dozens of other manufacturers. People are suspended in rope access equipment several hours a day and hundreds of hours a year. It must be comfortable, functional, and work as intended. Gravitec Systems, Inc. provides a variety of equipment for people to train on, all from reputable manufacturers, and you can select the equipment that is right for you. All at competitive prices. You can’t “try it out” when buying from Amazon.



Gravitec Systems offers a diverse line of rope access services; including custom engineering solutions for rope access and fall protection, installation of anchors, and rope access work supervision. In addition Gravitec can accommodate bespoke projects such as the T-Mobile Park lighting installation. 

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