Rope access is used to access the inaccessible or to perform work more efficiently than scaffolding or lifts.  Organizations will often realize that the solution to their access issues is often a combination of engineered solutions and rope access.  Providing a permanent, certified, engineered anchorage where it’s needed is very important for rope access.  The capital cost of engineering is often less than temporary solutions when the total costs of PPE, replacement of PPE, training, inspections, and storage is calculated.  Gravitec Systems is not limited to one-line of service and can assist you in determining the best course of action for your access application.  Gravitec can recommend and provide engineering services for structural modifications, permanent anchorages, complete fall protection systems as well as rope access system design, supply and installation.   

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We install the systems we design, as well as pre-engineered fall protection systems. All products are thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure they meet or exceed our high standards.

Gravitec installers are trained in fall protection, rope access and rescue techniques. We are keenly aware that our fall protection systems are in place to save lives and that ensuring the quality of an installation ensures the safety of the people connected to our systems.

Our installation crews are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure that the job will be executed safely, quickly and professionally.

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Gravitec is dedicated to protecting workers at height. That is why we don’t just train you for working on rope. We will get out there in the field with you to ensure you have mitigated the hazards associated with your job before work begins and you’re working within required regulations and industry best practices. We will also be there to help rig the worksite and perform any rescues should the need arise. Whether you are SPRAT certified but do not have a level III on your team or if you have taken one of our custom Workplace Rope Access courses we can help you get your rope access program off the ground.

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