The Gravitec Difference: Equipment Testing

By Joshua Mills, Engineered Systems and Testing


Why Test?

Manufacturers have a legal and moral obligation to their customers to ensure their products are safe. That is even more true in our industry, where failure can make the difference between life and death. There’s no room for guesswork in fall protection.
Most manufacturers have their own internal testing process and procedures, but independent third-party testing is essential. Third-party testing allows manufacturers to verify the results of their testing, in a controlled, non-biased setting. This testing enables the manufacturer to identify and correct potential problems they’d otherwise be blind to within their organizations.
While the majority of our testing clientele are manufacturers, we also perform several tests for end-user clients. Third-party testing adds a significant degree of legitimacy to manufacturer claims. This allows both manufacturers and end-users to sleep easy at night, knowing they have done their due diligence to protect workers at height. A neutral, third-party lab has the independence and obligation to report facts, both the good and the bad.

Why Do Our Clients Choose To Test With Us?

Gravitec Systems has worked exclusively in fall protection since our inception. Unlike other testing bodies, our Scope of Accreditation is laser-focused. Whether we’re talking ANSI, OSHA, CSA, or Customer Specified, we remain expertly focused on fall protection.

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Lab has all the tools necessary to test all manner of anchorages, lanyards, full-body harnesses, SRDs, and the like. The keystone of our Lab is the Certified Drop Tower, which is used in coordination with our release mechanism, load cells, test weights, and the temperature chamber. Test protocols are developed to meet the specific needs of our clients. The results are gathered in real-time using Gravitec’s proprietary Data Acquisition System. High-speed video and other particular needs can be incorporated into our protocols as required.

Every test is performed by qualified Lab Staff, under the direct supervision of our Lab Manager. We offer the opportunity for our clients to witness our testing procedures, all from the comfort of the mezzanine, directly above the test lab. Our Lab Technician and Lab Engineer are accessible and able to answer direct questions from the client at any stage during the testing process.

Gravitec allows you to test in an unbiased and controlled lab and the ability to experience and see the results for yourself. In addition to testing, we are also able to meet all of your fall protection needs through engineering, training, and equipment sales. For more information about our facility, please contact 800.755.8455.


A former United States Marine with a background in International Affairs, Joshua Mills and his family have been all over the World, but they are happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. For more than a decade, Joshua has specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom engineered products, from late night napkins sketches to finished, polished product.

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