By Caitlin Bearman

When minutes matter, seconds count.

In the event of a fall, time is working against you from the first moment. Risks of suspension trauma and other injuries only increase the longer the worker (and rescuer) are suspended. Having the right tools on hand will significantly reduce unnecessary delays in your rescue plan. The G4 kit is a universal rescue and evacuation system designed to meet rescue needs across the industry.

The G4 kit is assembled using components from multiple manufacturers. By picking the best piece for the job, instead of only pushing one brand, the G4 equipment provides functionality over brand loyalty. Factory-sewn terminations, triple-locking ANSI, rated carabiners, and an upgraded short-haul system that is rated as a pickoff strap, are just a few examples of what is found in the kit.

Even with the state-of-the-art components, the appeal of the G4 kit is in the details. We have designed the kit to not only have the best equipment but also be assembled in a way that makes the rescuer’s job as efficient as possible. Included in every kit is a detailed, full color, waterproof step by step laminated reference manual that can be attached to the rescuer for quick reference. Additionally included are; a self-contained accessory bag with a daisy chain attachment system sewn in, captive eye integration on key carabiners, and a security seal that provides assurance of the kits completeness, the G4 is not only built well…it is built to perform.

While no one wants to think about a fall occurring, it is a possibility many face daily. Having a well-developed rescue plan with a well-equipped rescue kit can help ensure you are ready for whatever the day’s work may bring.



  • (x1) Rescue Rope Bag/G4-XL
  • 350 ft. Red 7/16 Rope
  • (x1) I’D Descender
  • (x1) Klettersteig AL. Car.
  • (x1) Warning labels
  • (x1) OXAN Triact-Lock
  • (x1) TANGA Connector Positioning Ring
  • (x1) G4 Instruction Booklet


  • (x1) Accessory Bag – FB/Black
  • (x3) Ultra D Locksafe ANSI
  • (x2) PMI Choker Strap 3ft, Red/Black
  • (x1) Large Croll
  • (x2) Omni-Block 1.1 Single, Orange
  • (x1) ISC HaulerBiner, 1.65m
  • (x1) G4 Instruction Flash Cards


Caitlin Bearman

Hailing from the Midwest, Caitlin has been in the Fall Protection Field for over 5 years. Caitlin began her career in Washington, D.C. but considers herself lucky to have made her way west to Washington State! With a diverse background in Customer Service and  complex problem solving, Caitlin works with clients all over the country from her remote office in Metro Detroit.

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