ISO 17025

Gravitec Systems, Inc. maintains and operates an ISO 17025 accredited Testing Facility.



Q:What is ISO 17025?
A: ISO 17025 is an international standard that sets a technical competence standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

Q: Why does ISO 17025 Accreditation matter?
A: Accredited laboratories implement a quality management system (QMS) with the goal of improving their ability to impartially, competently and consistently produce valid results.  This means our Laboratory QMS is designed to ensure accuracy and reliability of all tests conducted.

Q: How does the client benefit?
A: Gravitec’s accreditation guarantees an extra layer of monitoring and security for all of our clients.  An accrediting company audits our QMS and testing capabilities in great detail on a yearly basis, ensuring that our client’s test results are reliable, repeatable and defendable.

Q: Is getting an ISO 17025 accreditation a challenging task?
A: ISO 17025 is complex and requires an in-depth understanding and training for the processes/guidelines developed.  Developing, implementing and maintaining an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is a challenge, but it is worth the time and effort in order to provide internationally recognized test results for all of our clients.

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