Technical Reports

Material Testing Report for 1.4 Multiplier


The purpose of this testing was to determine whether the existing 1.4 multiplier comparison between a human body and a rigid test weight for testing fall arresting equipment is suitable for current technology.Reduction of the 1.4 multiplier to reflect current fall protection technologies entails increasing the weight of the rigid test weight used in dynamic performance drop tests on energy absorbing lanyards and other fall arresting devices. A major feature of this test was to gather test data using both human subjects and a rigid weight capable of being heavier or lighter to match each human subject’s weight… Read More

Rigid Weight VS. Human Weight: 1.4 Multiplier Test


It is widely acknowledged that when personal protection equipment is activated during a fall, some of the energy of the fall is absorbed by the human body. When conducting dynamic fall protection equipment tests using a rigid weight, there is a need to compensate for the fact that a human is not involved. Historically, a multiplier of 1.4 has been used to compensate for the energy-absorbing qualities of the human body in rigid weight tests. This standard has been applied by all testing agencies, governing bodies, and standards organizations… Read More


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