G4 Rescue Kit–Rescue System & Equipment (GR-G4/Rescue)


Confidence in a kit! Gravitec Systems’ G4 Rescue Kit has the advanced industry components you need for a quick rescue.

The G4 Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment Kit will prepare you for a potential disaster with the exact elements for the safe retrieval of persons in distress. The G4 Rescue Kit in a weatherproof, padded shoulder strapped bag, is hand-picked from manufacturers all over the world by our Gravitec System experts who have years of rescue training and experience. The versatility is unmatched: lift, lower, redirect, and evacuate-only limited by your own abilities. We love the daisy-chained system with pulleys and accessories in the accessory bag which can be carried on the user’s hip. 350′ of 11mm rope is finished with excellent factory-stitched terminations and thimbles for an even higher safe rescue!

When minutes matter, seconds count. Why you need a G4 Kit

  • Offers versatility in evacuation, lowering, lifting, and suspended or assisted rescue.
  • Weatherproof bag with padded shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Fully equipped with the latest and greatest equipment.
  • 350 feet of 11 mm of rescue rope (previously 300 feet), finished with factory-stitched terminations and thimble.
  • Three-stage auto-locking aluminum carabiners for maximum safety – additional security features through captive bar integration.
  • The accessory bag is self-contained complete with a daisy chain system allowing pulleys & accessories to be carried at the ready on a user’s hip.
  • Includes progress-capture pulley with locking cam features.

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