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Who do you call when your job site presents a fall hazard? Browse the compelling photographs on our website and you’ll begin to appreciate the breadth of our experience and our dedication to safety. See us descending the face of a dam, perched on a theme park attraction in California, or tethered to a high-rise in Downtown Seattle.

Do you need fall protection training? Peek into our modern classrooms. There, you’ll find uniformed instructors, unparalleled training aids, and the best fall protection equipment on the market. At Gravitec’s Fall Protection Campus our indoor training facility is devoted to hands-on fall protection instruction where you’ll gain practical experience on a variety of climbing structures. Our training programs are suitable for nearly every industry working at height.

What if you simply need a harness? Browse our equipment store where we sell equipment from all major manufacturers instead of focusing on one product line.

Call our equipment advisors and they’ll provide pre and post-purchase consulting so you can feel confident that you have purchased the best equipment for the job. Time and again, we hear from our clients that our advisors are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Who is Gravitec? We’re a diverse team with backgrounds in the military, fire fighting, safety, emergency medical technology, climbing, and mountaineering. Our highly-qualified staff of instructors, engineers, installers, equipment and training advisors, writers, photographers, and graphic artists provides a full spectrum of services including engineering, training, consulting, testing, and technical equipment sales.

Are you part of the Gravitec family? Your relationship with Gravitec doesn’t end at the completion of a course, an engineering job, or an equipment sale. We welcome you to use us as a resource and call our toll-free number anytime. Among our diverse staff, there is always someone available to assist you. We hope you will invest your confidence in us to protect your life and livelihood.


It’s Gravitec’s mission to protect the lives and livelihoods of those who work at heights by providing a full range of high-quality fall protection services worldwide, including training, engineering, consulting, testing, and technical equipment sales.

Gravitec was established in 1986. In the beginning, we were exclusively involved with rescue, but we quickly discovered that in our industry the real issue resided in a lack of fall protection and prevention that could dramatically reduce the need for rescues. It was clear that proper training would allow workers to utilize equipment and implement systems to protect themselves. We believe that fall protection training is the cornerstone of any fall protection program, and we were the first company to teach in-depth fall prevention and protection aimed at reducing fall-related industrial injuries. In 35 years, we have become the largest fall protection training company in North America. Our team of fall protection and rescue instructors logs over 50,000 student-training hours each year.

We also employ a staff of professional engineers and consultants. Through innovative thinking and the use of advanced technology, this team has earned a reputation for developing unique engineered solutions to some of the most complex fall protection issues imaginable. As a result, Gravitec is often contracted to perform site surveys to analyze existing fall hazards and recommend the most appropriate fall protection system for each individual situation. When off-the-shelf systems won’t get the job done, our engineers have the capability and expertise to design and fabricate customized systems for the most challenging fall hazards. When the best solution has been identified, our engineers and installation technicians are also available to install and certify these systems according to the required standards and specifications.

To facilitate our commitment to technology and innovation, Gravitec operates a fully-instrumented, ISO 17025 accredited testing facility for ongoing research and development as well as third-party testing.

We established an equipment sales department to help our clients locate the most reliable fall protection and rescue equipment for the best price. We are not an equipment manufacturer, and we do not recommend a single line over another. Instead, we believe in suggesting the best product for each individual application.

We are extensively involved in the development of national and international standards for fall protection equipment and training. Gravitec is a member of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the International Society for Fall Protection (ISFP), and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

Our singular focus on fall protection is why thousands of organizations, including a broad cross-section of government and private entities, have sought out our help. We value the considerable confidence our clients entrust in us to protect them by providing the highest quality of fall protection services available. As we carry our corporate culture of excellence and innovation into the future, we will continue to match the unforgiving nature of working at height with an uncompromising commitment to professionalism and quality.

Quality Policy

Gravitec Systems, Inc.’s ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System and accredited ISO 17025 laboratory ensures company leadership and our staff’s commitment to client satisfaction through consistent, reliable, and quality products and services.  All employees are dedicated to the continual improvement of all processes, products, and services.

Gravitec Systems, Inc. provides a full range of high-quality fall protection services worldwide, including training, engineering, testing, and technical equipment sales. For over 30 years, Gravitec Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the fall protection industry with the sole aim of protecting workers at height.

From the President

Since 1986, Gravitec has remained committed to consistently setting the standard for excellence and professionalism in the fall protection industry. By facilitating a corporate culture that embraces the principles of innovation and technology, we have earned a reputation for delivering turnkey solutions to even the most complex fall protection issues. We have the right combination of industry experience, technical expertise, and resource capabilities to help our clients implement a managed fall protection program that best suits their individual needs.

Randall Wingfield
President and Founder of Gravitec Systems, Inc.


Gravitec President
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