Fall Protection Consulting

Gravitec leads the industry in all aspects of fall protection consulting, including fall hazard evaluation, systems design, research, standards development, and construction and inspection of fall protection systems. We also offer fall protection expert witness testimony and fall protection litigation support.

We can provide the following fall protection consulting services:

  • Fall Protection Policy Development
  • Fall Protection Procedure Development
  • Fall Protection Hazard Analysis
  • Fall Protection Plans
  • Fall Protection Surveys
  • Litigation Support
  • System Inspection Services
  • Soft Goods Inspection and Data Consultation

Fall Hazard Survey

An in-depth fall protection hazard assessment which includes; identification of unprotected fall hazards ranked on a proprietary risk index that proposes multiple fall hazard assessment solutions. Providing our customers with all the information necessary to make a sound educated decision on the most effective and cost efficient solution.

Inspection Services

Equipment may be sent to Gravitec for detailed, documented inspections performed according to manufacturer instructions. Written findings are forwarded to our clients for proof of inspection. For larger inspections, we send inspectors to your site. This enables clients to track purchases, perform cost analyses, and keeps equipment in good working order.

Procedure Development

Gravitec has helped many of our larger clients write work procedures for their employees. Written fall protection and rescue procedures are important as they not only protect workers from falls but also protect management from charges of incompetence.

Site-Specific Rescue Assessment

Employers have a duty to rescue employees should they fall on the job: OSHA regulation. Our rescue assessments determine whether or not emergency services can be relied upon, or if in-house rescue is advisable.  Assessments generate feasible rescue options and develop rescue plans.

Gravitec can provide a comprehensive “Manual on Fall Protection” for your work site or company that details:

  • Qualified Equipment Purchasing Lists
  • Regulation Requirements
  • Standard Requirements
  • Equipment Procedures
  • System Use Procedures
  • Rescue Plans and Procedures
  • And More
All meet the ANSI/ASSE Z359.2-2007 Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program standard.