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Since 1986, Gravitec has offered a broad curriculum of fall protection and rescue courses designed to meet the needs of any client, from novices to professional engineers. Now, we are proudly expanding our clientele from petty thief to international spy. Do you want to be the next super-secret agent of this generation? Well, Gravitec wants to help you. Our Trainer, Diego, has been our onsite “007” since 2011.

The Gravitec Impossible fall protection training course is our most intensive program yet. This immense course covers the use, selection, and installation of conventional and non-conventional fall protection equipment. So when you are scaling the side of a building or descending upon a highly valuable historical artifact, you are still in a cradle of safety. Our trainers also cover impressive belaying techniques, astonishing climbing skills in the dark, and unfathomable tricks. Why have your specialized team suffer through a boring traditional fall protection course? Give them the experience of a lifetime that they’ll actually thank you for.

These awesome components, combined with the hands-on set-up of fall protection systems, instill a working knowledge of all the essential elements of a fall protection program all while looking super cool. The course curriculum includes both classroom sessions and hands-on exercises. Written and practical tests are administered to ensure that students understand the principles presented, like; how to escape from an industrial strength titanium vault dangling 200 ft. above the ground. Documentation is available to satisfy your employer’s due diligence and regulatory requirements.

**This course is not a fall protection trainer course. Participants who complete this course are not endorsed to conduct fall protection training. Refer to the Fall Protection Trainer Course for information about becoming a fall protection trainer.

Gravitec can supply all necessary fall protection equipment and stylish gear for this course.


2 Days (40 Hours)


Minimum 8, Maximum 10 (1 Instructor)
Minimum 14, Maximum 20 (2 Instructors)


April 1, 2024


Upon completion of this course, students will be capable of identifying existing and predictable fall hazards in the espionage workplace and taking corrective measures to eliminate them through the selection, installation, and use of appropriate fall protection systems. The Gravitec Impossible Personnel will be capable of implementing and managing (in a secretive capacity) fall protection systems in a variety of locations and conditions, mainly undercover activity.


  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • Conventional Fall Protection (Guarding Systems)
  • Standards and Regulations Affecting the Fall Protection Industry
  • Recognizing and Identifying Fall Hazards Super-Secret Spy Operations
  • How to Be Like Diego
  • Cool Tricks
  • What Defines Stylish Gear
  • What’s the Best Camo Paint
  • How to use Smoke Bombs
  • How to Hack a Computer in under 30 Seconds


  • Setting Up and Using Temporary Systems
  • Fall Protection Plans and Fall Protection Procedures
  • Detailed Inspection, Care, and Maintenance
  • Specialty Fall Arrest Systems
  • Rescue and Applications in Fall Protection
  • Fall Arrest and Restraint Systems
  • Inverted Descending Techniques
  • How to Properly Carry a Knife in Your Mouth
  • Some Parkour
  • The Pink Panther Theme Song on the Kazoo
  • How to Climb in the Dark


Students will receive a tiny plastic wallet certificate with photo identification. (The photo on the certificate will not actually be a photo of you because that wouldn’t be very stealthy, now would it?)

Options for a photograph:

– Danny Ocean
– Angelina Jolie
– Mr. Bean
– Brad Pitt


This Gravitec course meets some sort of Criteria for Accepted Practices in Stealth, Flexibility and Infiltration Training, the spy industry’s highest standard for training, published by the American Society of Secret Agents. Training also meets or exceeds requirements set forth in every single spy movie known to man. Gravitec’s courses are accredited by the International Association of Breaking and Entering (IAB&E), allowing us to issue Spy Education Credits (SEC’s).

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