PMI 12.5 mm (1/2″) Hudson Classic Professional with Unicore Technology

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An incredible new PMI rope for Fire/Rescue professionals, the Classic Pro with Unicore technology is now available in a 12.5mm (1/2″) diameter! Unicore technology creates the ultimate bond between sheath and core. This bond ensures sheath slippage is nearly zero, even when the sheath is entirely cut circumferentially. This rope allows the firefighter or rope technician to pass either a cut or torn sheath area, whether descending or ascending since the sheath cannot bunch to create an impasse.

  • Unicore® technology
  • Nearly zero sheath slippage
  • NFPA Certified
  • 16-carrier construction
  • CI 1801 Certified
  • Torsionally balanced, continuous filament nylon
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Rope Size

1/2" (12.5mm)

Min Break

42.5 kN (9555 lbf)

Weight (lbs)



Nylon Sheath/Nylon Core

Rope Strength

Elongation: 0.8% at 300 lbf, 1.9% at 600 lbf, 3.9% at 1000 lbf

Meets Exceeds

NFPA 1983 (2012), G, ANSI Z359.1 (2007), EN 1891-A, CI 1801, Static

Manufacturer NAV

PMI – Pigeon Mtn.

Size NAV

1/2" (12.5mm)

Type of Product NAV

Rope & Descent

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