G4 Assist Kit-Rescue System & Equipment

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Companies love the team aspect of this assist kit-for groups where team work and manpower are available.

The G4 Assist Kit is like nothing else on the market. Described by Gravitec Systems’ President as “trick,” the bells and whistles of this assist kit are hand-picked by our expert instructors. The efficient G4 Assist Kit has the “reduction in risk factor,” keeping persons safe up to 150′ as they are being rescued. We love the Skate block feature that keeps the worker away from the structure. Easy access to the G4 Assist Kit is done securely from the ground keeping the rescuee and rescuer separate at all times.

Gravitec’s fall protection and rescue equipment are available to protect people working at height with fall arrest and fall restraint equipment to safeguard a work environment. Our fall protection and safety experts are here to discuss your safety needs to protect yourself and your employees – 800.755.8455

  • Team rescue where two people work together to assist another off the structure
  • Perfect for workers on platforms, mezzanines, ladders, walls, scaffolding,
  • Go when workers are working up to 150’
  • Skate block will tag the worker away from the structure so they will not get hung up or caught in anything
  • Lifting and lowering is done from the security of the ground where the rescuer has their footing
  • Assisted rescue where separation is maintained and the rescuer stays independent from the rescue subject at all times
  • Simplified equipment pre-assembled for the fast installation and lower back to the ground
  • Designed for groups where teamwork and manpower are available instead of relying on skill of setting up different rescue components to perform a lower.

Companies love the team aspect of this assist kit-for groups where teamwork and manpower are available.

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350 ft of rescue rope

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