3M™ DBI-SALA® EZ-Line™ Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System

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Retractable design that allows the user to quickly and efficiently set up

The entire 60′ 3M DBI-Sala’s EZ-Line Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System is retracted into an easy-to-carry case which eliminates large and bulky coils of cable that are difficult to set up, relocate and store. EZ-Line weighs only 25 lbs. This system provides hands-free horizontal mobility and continuous protection for two users per span and up to six users per system.

Installation is completed in four steps: 1) Attach the lifeline with a carabiner to an anchorage connector, 2) depress the locking button allowing the cable to pay out to the next anchorage, 3) attach the housing/case with a carabiner to the anchorage connector, 4) tension the lifeline with the built-in crank handle.

  • 60 ft. (18.3m) retractable cable horizontal lifeline system with built-in winch, tension, and impact indicators.
  • 60 ft. (18.3 m) retractable system can be set at any length
  • Rugged 1/4″ (6.3mm) 7×19 galvanized cable lifeline
  • Ergonomic easy to carry case
  • Extremely lightweight and portable design
  • Built-in winch, pre-tension, and impact indicators
  • Durable construction will stand up to tough job sites
  • Single and multi-span (with SecuraSpan™ stanchion) system configurations
  • Retractable lifeline is simply pulled out for installation and retracted with the built-in winch for dismantling
  • Customize your system length in any increment up to 6′
  • Entire system stores in an easy-to-carry case
  • Built-in pre-tension and impact indicators take the guesswork out of set-up and inspection
  • Provides hands-free horizontal mobility and continuous protection for two users per span, up to six users per system

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