DBI-SALA ExoFit X200 Comfort Wind Energy Climbing Safety Harness


The 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ X200 Climbing Safety Harness

is designed with high-quality components that have been developed to enhance the harness’s safety, fit, and functionality while working at height on your job site. The X200 comfort harness is built with 6,000lb polyester webbing, nylon/polyester hybrid comfort padding, and robust alloy steel hardware.

  • Revolving Torso Adapters adjust harness fit with ease and speed and lock webbing into place to maintain a comfortable and safe harness fit
  • Equipped with an anti-sliding dorsal D-ring pad to help greatly reduce dorsal D-ring slide
  • An Integrated easy-link SRL adapter lets you quickly and easily connect and disconnect personal SRLs
  • Dual-locking quick-connect buckles lock to harness webbing and prevent adjustments from slipping

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