ANSI Single Anchor Lifeline

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Each bundled shipped is prebuilt and neatly packaged in one of our favorite rope bags.

Finally, there is a way to purchase everything you need to use the ASAP Lock and it is just a click away. Gravitec has bundled the necessary components to make a versatile ANSI-approved single anchor lifeline. You will get the ASAP Lock, an absorber rated for up to two people, a steel carabiner connected to the terminated end of the rope, as well as a steel carabiner connected to the ASAP Lock system.

Don’t see the option you need? Call an Equipment Advisor and we’ll customize the kit for you: 1-800-755-8455.


ANSI Single Anchor Lifeline:

  • ASAP Lock
  • Sorber Axess
  • 2 Oxan Carabiners
  • Captiv
  • Transit Rope Bag
  • 11 mm Ray Rope
  • Inspection List

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25 lbs.

Industry Type NAV

Ladder Climbing

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