GRAVITEC’S All New Power Perimeter

APRIL FOOLS PRANK – Thank you for playing along with our April Fool’s prank this year!

Redefine your expectations of fall protection and immerse yourself in the new technology of our GRAVITEC Power Perimeter System. Installation is as easy as dropping our wireless transmitter posts at each of the intersecting points on top of the building and putting on the safety device. The post emits a wireless signal that is picked up by the workers safety device worn around their neck. This device emits a warning sound when the worker approaches the invisible boundary. Should the worker continue towards the perimeters edge, they will feel a static correction that is strong enough to prevent them from walking or approaching any farther.

Customer Reviews

“Before our company got the Gravitec Power Perimeter we had to deal with our Forman yelling out administrative controls that were often hard to hear or understand. Now the Power Parimeter tells us everything we need to know. With the convenience of the no brainer notifications I feel safer than ever before. I am notified when I get close to the edge and if I happen to go past that point, the built-in edge defense technology will kick in. This stunning technology will prevent me from ever reaching the edge.”

~ Casey

“I feel like I finally got my life back. At work I’m finally free to roam at height with the knowledge I’m safe and can never reach the edge or fall off the building. This product has boosted my self-confidence, improved my work ethics and even my home life.”

~ Jessica

“Being a klutz, I’ve fallen off several buildings and structures, now that I am using the (name) I can go about my work without having that nagging feeling in the back of my head am I going to fall again. It’s saved me on Dr bills and long recoveries. I feel like a new person.”

~ Jim

“As an owner of a high-rise building involved in sensitive information, I’m constantly worried about the safety of my staff. First hand I’ve tested the power of this tremendous device and can boast about its performance. Compared to other dangerous and bad products, this new technology is going to be huge. This smart and amazing product is a win for me and employees. Its great you’re going to love it.”

~ Ronald