Gravitec Carabiner Race

Why a Carabiner Race?

There have been long-standing misconceptions that automatic locking carabiners are too difficult to open or are not as secure as the screw-gate or twist-lock. With practice, training, and time, Gravitec has found that automatic locking carabiners are more efficient and safer.

Gravitec created the Carabiner Race in order to show that automatic locking carabiners take some skill but once you get the hang of them they are one of the quickest and safest options for your fall protection gear.

Do you have what it takes?

Welcome to Gravitec’s Student Carabiner Race! A skills competition where five carabiners must be placed on to corresponding anchor straps as fast as possible, but also correctly.

Are you up to the challenge? Here’s how it works:

The Breakdown:

Competition Structure

  • Each year consists of 4 quarters:
    • January-March (N/A)
    • April-June
    • July-September
    • October-December
  • At the start of class, you will be provided with an official competition entry slip. You must give this to your instructor before you compete.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate between 12:45 and 1:00 PM of each course day.
  • We will announce the weekly winner at 4:00pm each Friday.
  • Once a players time is recorded, it will appear on the Gravitec website within a couple days.

Rules of the Race

1. Both hands must start on the timer to begin the race.

2. As soon as you remove your hands from the pressure sensitive timer, it will start timing. Once both hands are placed back on the pressure pad, the time will stop.

3. The player must only use one hand to place the carabiners.

4. You may not use other parts of your body or things around you to assist you (i.e. Hip, stomach, chest, or structures around you)

5. The player must open and secure 5 different carabiners to the anchor straps provided.

6. All Carabiners must be completely secured on the anchor straps.

7. Any carabiners that are not locked onto the anchor are considered a failed attempt and the competitor’s time will be forfeited.

8. YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE, so be sure to secure your carabiner before moving on.

9. To stop your time, both hands must return to their original position on the timer.

10. You are in control of your time, so don’t forget to tap out!