Fall Protection Competent Person in a Natural Setting


Gravitec’s Fall Protection Competent Person in a Natural Setting Course is an intensive program that covers the use, selection and installation of conventional and non-conventional fall protection equipment for the outdoor work environment. Many workplaces must apply fall protection and rescue equipment and regulations where typical structures do not exist, rendering much of the equipment infeasible. Typically, equipment designed for outdoor recreation industry (climbing / mountaineering) is used, creating issues with compliance or adherence to industry standards. This course blends fall protection and rescue equipment from both industries to strike a balance between application, user-friendliness, and compliance. The course includes an emphasis on creating anchor systems and using descent control devices and back-up systems. This course addresses relevant fall protection regulations and fall hazard identification. These components, combined with the hands-on set-up of fall protection systems, instill a working knowledge of all the essential elements of a fall protection program.

The course curriculum includes both classroom sessions and practical hands-on exercises. Written and practical tests are administered to ensure that students understand the principles presented. Documentation is available to satisfy your company’s due diligence and regulatory requirements.

This course is not a trainer course or rope access course. Refer to the Fall Protection Trainer Course for information about becoming a fall protection trainer.

This course meets the Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training (ANSI/ASSE Z490.1), the highest industry standard for training. It also meets the requirements of ANSI/ASSE Z359.2, Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program, found in the ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code.

Gravitec can supply all necessary fall protection equipment for this course.



5 Days (40 Hours)


Minimum 6, Maximum 10 (1 Instructor)


Call 800.755.8455 for more details.


Upon completion of this course, students will be capable of identifying existing and predictable fall hazards in the workplace and taking corrective measures to eliminate them through the selection, installation and use of appropriate fall protection systems. The Fall Protection Competent Person will be capable of implementing and managing (in a supervisory capacity) fall protection systems in a variety of locations and conditions.

  • Fundamentals of Fall Protection
  • Anchorage Requirements
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyards
  • Function and Purpose of Energy Absorbers
  • Fall Protection Hardware Compatibility
  • Work Positioning Systems
  • Inspecting Fall Protection Systems
  • Installing Fall Protection Systems
  • Calculating Required Clearances
  • Selecting Fall Protection System Components
  • Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Theory
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • Conventional Fall Protection (Guarding Systems)
  • Standards and Regulations Affecting the Fall Protection Industry
  • Recognizing and Identifying Fall Hazards
  • Common Commercially Available Fall Arrest Systems
  • Donning a Full Body Harness
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines
  • Vertical Lifelines
  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Engineered Horizontal Lifelines
  • Ladder Climbing Devices
  • Rescue Theory
  • Troubleshooting Fall Restraint Systems and Fall Arrest Systems
  • Setting Up and Using Temporary Systems
  • Fall Protection Plans and Fall Protection Procedures
  • Detailed Inspection, Care and Maintenance
  • Specialty Fall Arrest Systems
  • Rescue and Applications in Fall Protection
  • Fall Arrest and Restraint Systems
  • Fall Protection Regulations (OSHA) and Fall Protection Standards (ANSI)


Students will receive a plastic wallet certificate of completion, Gravitec’s Fall Protection & Rescue Manual and access to our toll-free number for ongoing technical assistance.


IACET-Logo-2015Gravitec is accredited by IACET to offer 4.0 CEUs for this program.

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