Petzl Rescue Pulley P50A High-strength pulley

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An ideal all-purpose pulley, the Petzl Rescue is a durable, high-efficiency, swing-sided pulley designed for heavy loads and frequent use.

The rescue pulley accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use. The quality of this pulley makes it an easy decision for many rescue applications. With a breaking strength of 32 kN (7,200 lbs.), a working load of 8 kN (1,800 lbs.), sealed ball bearings, and a rope capacity of 13 mm (1/2″), this pulley is Gravitec’s choice for many rescue systems.


We have found that many wind farms use this pulley for equipment hoisting and routine work tasks. If this is your practice, keep the pulley separate from life-saving equipment. Remember, pulleys are not designed for impact loads, so they should never be part of a fall arrest system.

  • Very efficient large sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings
  • Accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use
  • For use on ropes with a maximum diameter of 13 mm

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Weight (lbs)


Max Load

8 kN

Rope Diameter

13 mm

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CE EN 12278, NFPA 1983 General Use

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