You’re Never Too Busy to Recertify

By Jim Costello

We speak with dozens of workers at height every week, all around the country, and everyone is scrambling for workers. Finding ANYONE that’s properly trained at working at height is even more challenging. If you’re the Competent Person onsite, or your company’s Trainer, there are few things more disconcerting than having a new employee with little knowledge of equipment, working at height, or ANSI standards.

That being said, it can still be tempting to let your refresher training lapse. Among the common responses I hear are “nothing’s changed since the last time,” “I can still do the job just fine,” or “it’s too expensive.” A more proactive position may be warranted. With so many new climbers and workers jumping around companies, recertification and keeping your skills current have never been more important. Are you in the same shape you were two years ago? Are you using the same equipment? Are you working on a new structure or dealing with different anchor points?  Has your company’s safety culture changed? Are you working towards being compliant with OSHA’s new 1910 Walking Working Surfaces ruling?

Recertification answers these questions for you. It keeps you current on technical and legal updates. It makes you aware of the latest equipment on the market. Muscle memory is also key – recertification helps in making sure that YOU can still do the job. On top of all that, it also helps keep you marketable for annual reviews (or new positions).

Unfortunately, the most common response I hear is “We’re too busy.” With accidents still occurring, despite advances in equipment and training, everyone in our industry should never be too busy to learn. Education is the basis for working safely. Working safely protects jobs, companies, and families. Gravitec is “Protecting Workers at Height,” and we hope you’ll keep learning with us.

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