Beyond a Rope Access Kit

By Joel Schwarcz

This is not a rope access kit, it’s better. Gravitec has assembled a kit built from the best components available, aimed to function in all conditions and applications. From long days working on rope to advanced rescue, you’ll have all the tools you need to get the job done safely. We want to be proactive in assessing the safety needs of workers that use Rope Access techniques, which is why an incredible amount of thought went into this re-mastered kit.

Starting with the harness, we replaced the standard triangular link with a ring, the ring allows for optimal connections in multiple directions. Then we integrated one adjustable lanyard and two 80cm lanyards into the ring, eliminating the need for screw links entirely while also enabling continuous connection for all types of movement.

After researching the best ANSI compliant, aluminum, triple locking carabiners on the market, we discovered that the DMM Ultra D meets our high performance standards. It fits in the hand comfortably and its shape maximizes strength by forcing the load along the spine of the carabiner. This carabiners’ auto-locking gate snaps closed and will resist 3,600lbs of force as well as comply with OSHA’s connector regulations and ANSI Z359.12 standards.

(With a little practice you can master opening the Ultra D using only one hand, and maybe beat the best time in the Gravitec Carabiner Race!)

We added the Petzl I’D for descent control and two ASAP Locks paired with Petzl’s new ASAP’SORBER Axess energy absorber as secondaries. These devices are difficult to defeat and the added length of the new energy absorber provides extra reach.

While working at height, the quicker you can access your equipment, the safer you are. That’s why we chose to include Rock Exotica’s Omni Block 1.1. A top of the line pulley that can easily be opened to change the rope without detaching from the carabiner, not typically seen with a traditional pulley. Also included in the kit is a pre-assembled short haul system with a 7:1 mechanical advantage and load rated up to 310 lbs to simplify rescue in high angle environments.

This is what you get when you go beyond rope access, this is Gravitec’s WORKPLACE ROPE ACCESS KIT.

For a complete list of equipment or to place an order click the link below. Prefer to talk shop, call one of our equipment advisors at 800.755.8455.