Perspective on Engineered Safety Solutions

By Joshua Mills, Engineered Systems

At Gravitec we focus on a singular objective; protecting workers at height.

For hundreds of years of architectural history, fall protection amounted to little more than a worker’s healthy fear of falling. The Empire State Building was designed more than 40 years before the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970, which itself is decades removed from current fall protection regulations and standards.

Architects and Contractors didn’t concern themselves with fall protection in the past. Today, however, whether it’s a classic Gothic cathedral in Boston, a newly constructed luxury condo in San Francisco, an early Neoclassical government building in Washington DC, or a state-of-the-art rocket launch pad at Cape Canaveral, these specific structures require distinct fall protection systems. Fortunately, Gravitec’s Engineering team designs and installs world-class, bespoke solutions, for a myriad of clients and structures, since 1986.

Your challenges are unique, and so are our solutions.

We are innately curious problem-solvers. We leverage the combined experiences of the entire Engineering team to agilely provide a number of critical services to address your project needs; survey, hazard assessment, data analysis, reporting, testing, pre-engineered systems, custom anchor points, and installation. From initial inquiry to post-install inspections, we’re with you throughout the entire process.

Our team has access to over 35 different product lines. We are not aligned with any particular manufacturer; therefore, we have a larger kit-of-parts to work with when designing your fall protection systems. This independence enables us to always, objectivity, propose the best solutions for you, without the manufacturer bias you might experience with others. In short, we favor the quality of the product over the name on the label. Oh yeah, and we have an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory to prove it.

As an accredited independent testing facility, we are regularly testing products and systems to determine whether or not they are compliant with ANSI standards and OSHA regulations and whether or not they’re right for our clients. If you think that sounds cool, you’re right. We don’t just think we’re specifying the best products, we know it, empirically.

At the end of the day, we go to bed secure in the knowledge that the systems we design are beyond reproach. Let us share some of that peace of mind with you and your organization.


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A former United States Marine with a background in International Affairs, Joshua Mills and his family have been all over the World, but they are happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. For more than a decade, Joshua has specialized in the design and manufacture of custom engineered products, from late night napkins sketches to finished, polished product.