Engineering Team Building

How much do you trust your coworkers? Enough to order the office supplies? How about leaving a project with a tight deadline on them? Sure most of us ask our coworkers to do these things every day, but at Gravitec we like to take employee trust to new heights…and speeds.

Recently our engineering department spent some time practicing team building exercises when they were asked to not only step, but also think outside of their comfort zones. Employees had to push their listening and collaborating skills to edge in order to succeed in activities like the trust fall, human knot, tug-of-war, and sending one employee at a time through a spider web made of rope.

These exercises were able to successfully unify our engineering department with upper management there to guide the team along the way. Even more successful was the go-kart racing they participated in later that day as a reward for their camaraderie and hard team work. To see images of the team building exercises and highlights of the race, view the video below.