Past April Fools Pranks

G4 Vision: Beta Testers Needed!

We are working on the first of many steps in creating a safer work environment and we  NEED YOUR HELP. We are seeking at-height workers to beta test a brand new fall protection product using augmented reality. Through the use of augmented reality, workers will be clearly notified when making compatible and incompatible connections. Our patented technology effectively scans surrounding structure to confirm the most compatible and strong connection has been made. 


GraviHook™: Gravity Re-Defined

Welcome to the future, where the GraviHook™ patrols the skies as the ultimate fall protection solve-all. The GraviHook™ is the first fall protection-rated aerial drone. This drone tracks your movements and can be set at various separation distances to accommodate your specific needs. Additionally, the GraviHook™ is outfitted with an FAA light beacon for heights in excess of 200ft. In the event of a fall, the GraviHook™ will arrest your fall and can even be programmed to lower the fallen worker to a pre-set muster location.


Gravitec Impossible: Training for Covert Ops

Since 1986, Gravitec has offered a broad curriculum of fall protection and rescue courses designed to meet the needs of any client, from novices to professional engineers. Now, we are proudly expanding our clientele from petty thief to international spy. Do you want to be the next super-secret agent of this generation? Well, Gravitec wants to help you. Our Trainer, Diego, has been our onsite “007” since 2011.


GRAVITEC’S All New Power Perimeter

Redefine your expectations of fall protection and immerse yourself in the new technology of our GRAVITEC Power Perimeter System. Installation is as easy as dropping our wireless transmitter posts at each of the intersecting points on top of the building and putting on the safety device.


Gravitizer Harness Kit

Harnesses are an integral part of any fall protection system, and selecting the perfect one can be difficult as manufacturers get more innovative with their design and function. Once you’ve selected your harness, why not personalize it? For a limited time only, you can purchase the Gravitizer Harness Kit.


Gravitec Anti-Gravity Boots

What goes up must come down – not anymore! Gravitec introduces the new Anti-Gravity Boot (AGB)!


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