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Fall Protection Engineering

Engineering Services

Gravitec’s singular focus on fall protection for over two and a half decades allows us to provide the best solution for each fall protection hazard. Depending on your needs, we can design, supply, fabricate, and install new systems, repair previously installed systems by third-parties and inspect or modify your existing systems.

Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training

Fall protection products and systems are effective only when the worker is trained to use them properly. For that reason, we believe training is the cornerstone of any comprehensive fall protection program. Whether you’re an end user or a professional engineer, you’ll walk away from our courses with the know-how to effectively deal with fall hazards in your workplace.

Fall Protection Equipment

Equipment Sales

Gravitec carries over 20,000 fall protection and rescue products from all the major manufacturers. To best serve the needs of our clients, we offer sales by phone, online or in person. Our knowledgeable sales reps are available to assist you with your technical questions and regulatory compliance needs.

Fall Protection Testing

ISO 17025 Testing

Gravitec is qualified like no other testing laboratory to respond to our customers’ fall protection product testing needs. Unlike other testing laboratories, we test only fall protection equipment and therefore have a more intimate knowledge of fall protection products and standards that larger testing houses do not.

When It Comes To Fall Protection

Gravitec is 2nd to none. We possess the right combination of industry experience, technical expertise, and resource capabilities to assist in implementing a managed fall protection program that best suits the individual needs of our clients. Our fall protection training program is drawn from diverse backgrounds and real-world experiences. We offer year-round comprehensive fall protection programs and can customize courses tailored to fit your site-specific needs. Because we are not a manufacturer, we can objectively evaluate all commercially available fall protection equipment, and offer the best products on the market at competitive prices. With over 27 years experience in fall protection, our engineers, consultants, and installers understand our clients' unique needs and create solutions for the most complex fall protection situations. Finally, we have a fully equipped ISO 17025 accredited testing lab, providing end users with the added assurance of the accuracy and repeatability of test results.