The Gravitec Difference

By Caitlin Bearman, Senior Equipment Advisor

We live in a time when one-stop shopping, bulk club discount stores, and online warehouses are at the forefront of our shopping experience. The consumer has been conditioned to value speed of purchase over personalized attention and bulk purchasing over individualized solutions. While this can be convenient for items such as paper towels or soup; it is not the processes by which to get the best solutions for your fall protection needs.

At Gravitec, we intentionally specialize in one aspect of safety; protecting workers at height. By doing so, we are able to focus on the myriad of concerns involved in this complex area. Our trainers are experts in applicable standards and laws, our Engineering department is constantly innovating and installing unique solutions to ever-changing fall protection hazards, and our Equipment Department is able to remain knowledgeable on the latest gear available and the applicable standards it meets. As the customer, this means that when you come to us with a request, we are able to tackle it from all angles.

From an Equipment standpoint, we have access to over 35 product lines and are able to create a custom solution to fit your needs. Since we aren’t a manufacturer, we will always recommend the best product; without bias towards a particular brand. If your best solution involves multiple manufacturers, we can also assist in making sure all components work well together.

Our focus on only fall protection equipment allows for us to ask more of and better types of questions. Instead of worrying if we have also sold you 1,000 shoe covers and 500 first aid kits, we are able to focus on making sure you have the best carabiner for your work positioner and if your harness has the proper amount of D-rings for your worksite. Our team of Equipment Advisors are available to answer any questions and verify if the gear you are requesting meets your requirements. When was the last time a website verified if you needed an E class rating on your hard hat?

While a bulk discount on band-aids is great and being able to order groceries online is convenient, don’t treat your Fall Protection just like any other purchase. Working at height is filled with unique challenges, scenarios, and risks and it deserves the attention and expertise of a specialist. But, don’t worry, we can still ship it right to your door!

Call one of our equipment advisors at 800.755.8455 to learn more!

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