Fall Protection Training Facility

Each of our courses combines interactive classroom sessions and applied learning in our world-class indoor training facility in Poulsbo, Washington. Having over 10 full-sized indoor structures means you’ll be able to get your climb on just like you would on site. Our instructors will show you proper climbing techniques, as well as rescues. Whether you’re a tower climber for life, a wind turbine fanatic, or just love the adrenaline of working at heights, we’ve got you covered! We think our high-tech classrooms with the most up-to-date technology are pretty neat too. Over the years we have refined a curriculum, covering all aspects of fall protection. And while we do require students to follow along and learn through our text book, we also include visual aids and hands-on training. Our goal is to actively engage and stimulate your brain during your time here.


ISO Test Lab

Gravitec has the capability to deliver documented, comprehensive fall protection product testing. Our ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory is fully equipped with a drop test tower system, integrated static test bay and other instruments selected and configured by the product test engineer to address various testing needs. Proprietary data acquisition and motion detection software accurately record forces during dynamic and static performance testing.

Results can also be captured using high-speed video and photography. Engineers are able to visually identify the cause of a product failure with greater ease using high speed imagining equipment.

Equipment Distribution Center

It’s our mission to protect workers at height by providing a full range of high-quality fall protection and rescue equipment. Gravitec established an Equipment Sales Department to help our clients locate the most reliable fall protection and rescue equipment. We distribute over 20,000 fall protection and rescue products and components from the majority of major manufacturers of these product lines. Because we are not a manufacturer, we can objectively evaluate all commercially available fall protection equipment and offer the best products on the market at competitive prices.

Research & Development

Being at the forefront of the fall protection industry means Gravitec puts an emphasis on the development of custom products and solutions. With the capability to design and assemble specialized products and kits in our Research and Development Lab, new fall protection concepts and ideas are born, refined, tested and brought to market. Many of the kits we offer in our equipment store, like the G4, TR, and Rope Access Essential kits were designed based on what you, our customers, asked for. Let us use our skills, experience and resources to provide you innovative solutions and products.

Photography Studio

Photography plays a huge roll here at Gravitec. From the large prints that adorn the walls of our facility, to our visual aids, to each photo that you see here on the website, each image is shot in house by our photographer. Our state of the art cameras, lenses, and lighting allow our clients to see the photo details in hi-resolution. Having an in house studio and photographer means we can control the environment to best showcase the products we sell and teach. We know how a harness should fit, we know the correct way to use a rigid rail. We want you to see fall protection the way we see it, that’s why we shoot the images ourselves.

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