Sprat Rope Access Level III

Course Description

Gravitec’s SPRAT Rope Access Level III Course is designed for experienced rope access technicians and focuses on rope access work supervision, rigging, and rescue. This course prepares participants to upgrade to a Level III certification or recertify their current level III certification. This course combines interactive classroom sessions with extensive hands-on fieldwork to maximize the learning experience. Participants are trained in techniques using equipment developed for high-angle environments commonly encountered by rope access personnel. 

This course covers all the skills needed to evaluate for a SPRAT Level III certification as set forth in SPRAT’s; Safe Practices for Rope Access Work and Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work documents. Additionally, this course meets the Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training (ANSI/ASSE Z490.1), the highest industry standard for training.

After successfully completing 32hrs of training Monday through Thursday you will receive a Gravitec training certificate of attendance card for having completed the course. On Friday you will be evaluated by a SPRAT Evaluator in accordance with SPRAT guidelines.  Once you pass the SPRAT evaluation you will receive your  SPRAT Level III certification. 

All required equipment will be provided by Gravitec.



40 Hours Total (MON-FRI)
32 Hours Training (MON-THUR)
8 Hours SPRAT Evaluation (FRI)


Maximum 8


•  January 29 – February 2
•  April 22 – 26


Prior to evaluating for a SPRAT Level III certification, all candidates must be able to show proof of 500 hours and 6 months of documented rope access experience as a Level II Technician. You must Sign a liability release form and statement of physical and mental fitness to perform rope access work. It is recommended that a medical examination is performed prior to the start of the class because this course does include a moderate to a high level of strenuous exercise. You shall receive training by a competent trainer prior to evaluation as a Level III. This training is designed to prepare the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in the skills required at the desired level of certification. Proof of training shall be provided with experience documentation via a training affidavit. 

This course includes a moderate to a high level of strenuous exercise while working at height. It is recommended that all students should have the following mental attributes and be able to complete the activities listed below:

  • Health respect for heights
  • Safety first mindset
  • Run 1 mile
  • Complete 20 consecutive sit-ups
  • Complete 2 consecutive pull-ups or chin-ups

Note: Participants will be required to perform moderate to strenuous activities for five consecutive eight-hour days in a group setting and will be expected to keep up with an established course schedule and group pace. Arm, elbow, and shoulder strains are relatively common and a short warm-up, or stretching routine, before the day of training can help minimize the potential for muscle strains and other injuries.


Students completing this course will be taught to evaluate hazards, use advanced rope access equipment and techniques, set up rope access rigging, perform advanced rescues, and supervise rope access work to access a wide array of work areas where traditional means of access are unavailable. Additionally, this course prepares participants to be evaluated for their SPRAT Level III certification.

  • Fundamentals of Rope Access
  • Regulatory Requirements for Rope Access & Fall Protection
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Rope Access Technicians
  • Job Safety
  • Management and Communication
  • Supervising a Team Scenario
  • Rope Access Equipment Use and Inspection
  • Use of Secondary Devices
  • Use of Ascenders
  • Use of Descenders
  • Change Over (Switching from Ascent to Descent & Descent to Ascent)
  • Passing Knots
  • Deviations
  • Re-Anchors
  • Edge Negotiation
  • Rope and Sling Protection
  • Horizontal Aid Climbing
  • Vertical Aid Climbing
  • Pick-Off of Casualty Through Knots
  • Pick-Off of Casualty Through Deviation or Re-Anchor
  • Pick-Off of Casualty from mid Re-Anchor or Rope-to-Rope
  • Rescue from Horizontal Aid Climbing
  • Knots
  • Hitches
  • Rigging and System Dynamics
  • Anchorage systems
  • Rope Access System Pre-rigged to lower
  • Retrievable Rope systems
  • Cross-haul
  • Hauling and Lowering Through Knots
  • Tensioned Rope Systems


Students will receive a plastic wallet certificate of attendance, Gravitec’s Rope Access Manual and access to our toll-free number for ongoing technical assistance. SPRAT documents are included with the course. 


IACET-Logo-2015Gravitec is accredited by IACET
to offer 3.2 CEUs for this program.


SPRAT’s Evaluation Guidelines found in Public Documents.

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