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A groundbreaking advancement in fall protection technology, the G4 BOUNCE uses bleeding edge multi-sensor fusion technology to combine data from various sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and altimeters. Whether climbing a tower, turbine, or other structure, simply hold the G4 BOUNCE out parallel to your body, and drop it. Upon rebound, the color will change to either red or green. Red means a fall would result in coming in contact with the ground. Green means you have enough clearance and in the event of a fall, contact with the ground would not occur.



• Works 6ft – 401ft
Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity
•  Data Visualization and Analysis
•  Customizable Alerts and Notifications
•  Remote Monitoring and Management
•  “Color Blind” Mode (customize RGB color)
•  Data Logging
•  Compact and Portable
•  Bounces in up to 2″ of standing water
•  Durable Construction

• Strength 5,000 lbs (16 kN)
• Meets S359.14 Standard
• Weight(lbs) .3

• Material: Polycarbonate, carbon fiber, aluminum, silicone, graphene, Element 115
• ASNI Compliant: Yes
•  Compatible with numerous surfaces including: concrete, steel, wood, grass, dirt, shallow water, and more.

Recommended Add-on

G4 SwingSafe Tether

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Introducing the ultimate enhancement for your G4 BOUNCE: our new 5,000 lb ASNI-rated tethered accessory. Designed to complement your G4 BOUNCE, this heavy-duty attachment opens up a world of safety possibilities, including the calculation of swing falls. By securely attaching the string to your G4 BOUNCE via the engineered micro anchor connector, users can now assess not only vertical clearance but also potential swing fall hazards, providing comprehensive safety coverage in any work environment. With ASNI certification and a robust weight rating, this accessory ensures durability and reliability, allowing workers to tackle challenging climbing situations with confidence.

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