Are you missing a Key Player?

By Jim Costello

Too often, the importance of a Program Administrator is overlooked when creating a Managed Fall Protection Program (ANSI Z359.2). Many companies wrongly believe that just because they’ve got a competent Trainer or Qualified Person on staff, that that’s good enough. The problem with that thought process is that it lacks rigor, exposing you to liability when an accident occurs. When you think of your fall protection plan, all the hazards that exist, and the number of people you have working at height, who do you have on your team that can most effectively run and evaluate it?

Gravitec strongly encourages its students and customers to follow the ANSI standard and have a Program Administrator, separate from the Qualified Person, and separate from the Trainer, who is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the managed Fall Protection Program. This individual assumes the duties and responsibilities to ensure that fall protection procedures are developed for every location where an active fall protection system is used to control a fall hazard, including mitigation, training, rescue, and documentation.

Understanding that job description makes it clear just how important this role is, and why it should be a separate individual from your Qualified or Competent person and your Trainer. The complete program includes such critical items as Hazard Surveys, Written Rescue Procedures, Accident Investigations, Program Evaluations, and of course the adoption of Fall Protection Policies with corresponding duties assigned and training scheduled. The three-day class we offer on how to run this program will put you and your organization on a safer path, reducing the liability and injuries you are currently exposed to.

Fall Protection Team

For more information about this class (and all other Gravitec courses), please contact a Training Advisor at (206) 780-2898. The next Program Administrator class we have is at the end of June – a beautiful time to visit Seattle and the Northwest!