Latchways SRL

Latchways Leading Edge SRL

SKU: MS-62707-00US



The Latchways Leading Edge SRL range offers a dependable means of fall protection for leading & sharp edge and overhead use. Specifically designed for use in a number of different leading & sharp edge applications, the Latchways Leading Edge self-retracting lifeline utilizes modern engineering and innovative design, they are the most advanced leading edge self-retracting lifelines available.


  • Leading Edge: A work practice where the SRL is anchored below the harness back D-ring and a fall potential exists over a sharp edge. Typically the SRL is mounted at foot level.
  • Latchway’s expansive mobility is with easy-to-use self-locking function, the Latchways Leading Edge SRL automatically extends and retracts during use for the freedom to move over large working areas.
  • Versatile Connection: Latchways Leading Edge SRL easily connects to many personal fall arrest systems for optimum compatibility with both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Reliable technology: Latchways Leading Edge SRL features patented Constant Force® technology controls the load in the event of a fall; Full Contact™ locking mechanism helps to ensure that the device will not freeze, hang up or corrode.
  • The Latchways Leading Edge SRL has been tested to meet:
    • ANSI Z359.14
  • SKU: MS-62707-00US
    • 23ft MS-62707-00US
    • 33ft MS-62710-00US

Additional Information

Meets Exceeds

EN 360:2002, ANSI Z359.14, OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502

Cable Size

6 mm Galvanized Steel Cable (7×19)


Forged steel/stainless steel

Weight Capacity

310 lb


13.2 lb (6 kg)

17.6 lb (8 kg)