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The G4 Kit has been enhanced from a wind industry-specific rescue and evacuation system into a versatile rescue and evacuation kit that meets the demands of nearly every industry working at height. Includes: 5,000 lb tie-off adaptor; 11 mm, factory-sewn terminated lifeline available in custom lengths, colors and fire-resistance; industrial self-braking descender with anti-panic function; 3,600-lb-gate, ANSI-compliant, aluminum carabiners that double-lock for added security; swing-sided pulley designed for rescue; weatherproof PVC rope bag; progress capture pulley designed for rescue applications; short haul system with mechanical advantage; additional anchor and high-efficiency pulley; double sheave pulley; rope grab; pick-off strap for assisted descent; and PVC accessory bag which contains the pulley system, anchor straps, pick-off strap and accessories. The G4 Kit also contains a detailed, full-color, waterproof instruction manual and laminated instruction cards that attach to the rescuer’s harness for quick and thorough reference during a life-saving rescue. The security seal on the kit provides reassurance to the end user that the kit is fully intact and ready for use. The G4 is applicable to most industries, but can also be customized for specialized work environments, including industry-specific belay kits.

  • Offers versatility in accommodating evacuation, lowering, lifting, and suspended or assisted rescue
  • Weatherproof bag with padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Fully equipped with the latest and greatest equipment
  • 350 feet of 11 mm of rescue rope (previously 300 feet), finished with factory-stitched terminations and stainless steel thimbles
  • All carabiners are aluminum and triple-locking for extra security, and most feature a captive eye to prevent loss and increase safety
  • Accessory bag comes complete with daisy chain storage so the pulley system, anchors, pick-off strap and accessories can be carried directly on the user’s hip
  • Includes upgraded, progress-capture pulley with locking cam feature
  • (x1) Rescue Rope Bag/G4-XL – (SS-190201)
  • 350 ft. Red 7/16 Rope – (ST-P110080107SEM)
  • (x1) I’D Descender – (PT-200S0)
  • (x1) Klettersteig AL. Car. – (DM-A847A)
  • (x1) Warning labels – (GR-L3) & (GR-L4)
  • (x1) PMI 100cm Anchor Strap – (PM-SG31213)
  • (x1) OXAN Triact-Lock – (PT-M72A TLA)
  • (x1) G4 Instruction Booklet
  • (x1) Accessory Bag – FB/Black – (SS-192515)
  • (x5) Klettersteig AL. Car. – (DM-A847A)
  • (x1) PMI Pickoff Strap – (PM-SG51032)
  • (x1) Croll – (PT-B16BAA)
  • (x1) MINI Prusik Minding Pulley – (PT0P59A)
  • (x1) JAG – (PT-044AA01)
  • (x1) Rescue Pulley – (PT-P50A)
  • (x2) PMI 100cm Anchor Strap – (PM-SG51213)
  • (x1) G4 Instruction Flash Cards

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35 lbs




350 ft of rescue rope