LockJaw™ Remote Beam Grip Clamp.

RELIANCE LockJaw Remote Beam Grip Clamp

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RELIANCE LockJaw Remote Beam Grip Clamp

The LockJaw Remote Beam Grip Clamp is one of the more creative first-person-up systems. It provides a temporary (movable) anchorage by screwing down to the exposed flanges of overhead beams. It attaches to I-beams with a 5″ to 17-1/2″ flange and mounts using a 13' fiberglass pole with a 20' reach. Holding a pole 15' overhead with a lifeline or self-retracting lifeline hanging from it is not an easy task no matter which system you are using. Other systems require a strap to be wrapped around a beam, which won't work when material is on top of the beam. Other systems are also limited by the “mouth” opening of the clamp. If you need a first-person-up system, the LockJaw is often at the top of the list because of its size and ability to capture the bottom of a beam.


Temporary (Movable) Anchorage

  • Attaches to I-beams with 5″ to 17-1/2″ flange
  • Mounts using a fiberglass pole with 20′ reach

Additional Information

Min Break

10, 000 lbs or 5, 000 lbs/Person