3M™ DBI-SALA® Web Tie-Off Adaptor, Flame Resistant

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Kevlar® fiber webbing tie-off adaptor, pass-thru type.

DBI SALA’s anchorage connectors are built from top-quality materials guaranteeing high strength and durability to stand up to the toughest environments. Anchorage connectors are the unsung heroes of most fall protection systems, often overlooked but critical components because they securely attach your system to the anchorage. Your choice of anchor depends on the type of work being done. Anchorages are sold by what they connect to (general/all-purpose, steel, concrete, roof, or specialty), whether they are fixed or mobile, and whether they are permanent or portable.

  • 3 ft. (0.9m) Kevlar® fiber webbing tie-off adaptor, pass-thru type
  • Pass-thru type tie-off adapter
  • Kevlar® fiber fire resistant webbing
  • High strength steel hardware
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 3ft DS-1002200
  • 6ft DS-1002202

They all must provide a secure point of attachment for a complete personal fall arrest system, and must be capable of supporting a load of 5,000 lbs. (22kN) or of meeting OSHA’s criteria of a 2 to 1 safety factor. This product is also available in 4 ft (1.2m), 10 ft. (3.0m), 12 ft (3.6m), 13 ft (3.9m), and 20 ft. (6.1m) lengths. Please call for pricing.

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Thread/Stitching – Kevlar®
Web – 1-3/4” (4.4cm) Kevlar® Web

Meets Exceeds

OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502

Attachment Type NAV

Pass-Thru / Choker

Type of Product NAV

Choker, Reusable, Sling, Tie-Off Adaptor

Manufacturer NAV




Size NAV

10 ft (3.0m), 3 ft (0.9m), 4 ft (1.2m), 5 ft (1.5m), 6 ft (1.8m), 7 ft (2.1m), 8 ft (2.4m), 9 ft (2.7m)


310 lbs. (141 kg) ANSI / 420 lbs. (190 kg) OSHA

Type of Product

Reusable, Pass-Thru/Choker, Sling

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